Great Seas Mariners Training & Assessment Center, Inc. (GSMTACI) was conceptualized by a group of young and dynamic Merchant Marine Officers in 2010 and was virtually established through its formal registration at the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 07, 2011. In June 2011, it was initially given accreditation by the MARINA-STCW Office to render training services for few Courses in the Maritime Field. GSMTACI was granted accreditation to serve as a Practical Assessment Center for Marine Engineers in 2011. Momentarily, GSMTACI continues to evolve and is becoming a formidable force in the Maritime Training Sector offering more courses for Maritime Professionals and serving as Practical Assessment Center of MARINA-STCWO for Marine Deck & Engine Officers. To ensure that quality is maintained and at its best, GSMTACI has acquired a 3rd party certification from DNV-GL. Over the span of 12 years of existence, GSMTACI now offers a wider spectrum of maritime courses intended for both the Deck and Engine Departments on board ships. Forthwith, GSMTACI is offering 10 MARINA-STCW Accredited Course plus 51 other courses requiring no accreditation, for all its existing and potential clients. The Center also has increased its potentials to handle more classes as it has acquired accreditation from MARINA for additional classrooms. GSMTACI was organized to continue to assist shipping principals and manning agencies to preserve the overall wellness, practical skills and competence of all seafarers in serving the increasing needs of a growing and vibrant economy via reliable quality training and assessment.


GSMTACI approaches the future with the zeal and consistency in enhancing training and assessment standards at the international level and thereby meeting the general and specialized requirements of the international shipping. GSMTACI adheres to and complies with the requirements of the Maritime Industry Authority, other regulating agencies and the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard.


GSMTACI shall emerge as one of the best Maritime Training & Assessment Center in the Philippines. It shall provide a venue for the pursuit of excellence in upgrading training and competency assessment in the maritime sector.


  • Increase performance ratings of Training Officers and Assessment Officers by 0.05 from previous year;
  • Obtain at least 90% success ratings for the planned development trainings for all GSMTACI Teaching and Non-teaching Employees;
  • Increase by 5% the number of accredited Training and Assessment Officers;
  • Develop at least one (1) training course for intended clients;
  • Maintain the good accreditation status of all existing MARINA accredited Courses;
  • Increase the number of trainees referred by the companies by at least 2% from the previous year; and
  • Increase company revenue by 1% from the previous year.


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